8 Ways for Men To Get Involved In the Fight to End Human Trafficking


In the movement to end human trafficking, I see a constant conversation of talking about how often men buy girls and boys for sex. What we may not realize we are doing is criminalizing men as a whole, and forgetting the potentially powerful role they play in ending human trafficking. Imagine if all I did was tell my husband there was no place to serve me in our marriage, as well as, automatically assume he made bad decisions when he did nothing wrong. We have to start empowering men the same way we empower women to get involved. Here are a few ways that men can get involved in the movement to end human trafficking.

Before you continue reading, I want to emphasize that it is imperative to be sensitive when men volunteer when working with girls who have either been bought by men or had a male pimp. Prior to volunteering at safe homes make sure you receive approval from staff and are intentional with your interaction with the Overcomers.

Click thru the slides below on ways you, and your male advocates, can work together in fighting human trafficking.

I hope these tips can provide men with a starting point as to how to get involved in the movement to end human trafficking. Each of you have a special place in my heart because of the amount of healing it brings to see such strong male role models. To the men who have guilt holding them back from getting involved in this movement: I forgive you and believe in you.  My marriage would not be possible if I didn’t see men serving in appropriate ways throughout my journey.


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About the Author

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Anna Ptak is currently an international public speaker, as well as, an Overcomer and policy consultant in the movement to end Human Trafficking. In her spare time, Anna loves spending time with her husband, and their adorable puppy, Liam Alexander.