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Matr Boomie translates to “Motherland” in Hindi. With that being the name of their organization, they very clearly value their motherland, and show that love by honoring their roots through connecting people in order to make sustainable, unique and ethical items for people all over the world. Matr Boomie is a Fair Trade brand that strives for a more compassionate, kind and connected world through empowering and educating disadvantaged artisans. Not only do they pay fair wages, but they also invest in development projects, healthcare, education, skills training, loan programs and scholarships for women, minorities and people with special needs.

Matr Boomie was founded in 2006 by Ruchi and Manish. Their intention was to relieve extreme poverty in their native country of India. Through partnerships with grassroots organizations and master artisans, they were able to transform unskilled men and women into community artisans. They are passionate about making sure that the materials and processes used are safe for people, and gentle to the land. Their organization has expanded from being run out of Ruchi and Manish’s apartment into a sustainable and ethical industry global leader.

PHOTO: Matr Boomie founders, Ruchi and Manish.

PHOTO: Matr Boomie founders, Ruchi and Manish.

Matr Boomie has two teams within their organization. The team located in India assures efficiency in communication, and high-quality production. The team gathered in Austin, Texas designs custom collections that are appealing to folks across cultures while still honoring the culture and craft of the Indian artisans.

Empowerment, respect and design are the qualities that this brand seeks to incorporate into their trade. They embody empowerment by supplying women and marginalized communities with opportunities to recognize their potential through ethical practices. Their respect for Mother Nature holds them to a high standard of only using natural, eco-friendly, and ethically-sourced materials. Finally, their inclusion of unique, authentic Indian art allows them to incorporate tradition with modern designs, reaching audiences from all walks of life.

Keeping these three qualities in mind, Matr Boomie has designed and created a plethora of ethical items for everyday living. They have some beautiful jewelry creations. From simple to statement pieces - whether you like bold colors, such as teal and purple, or softer colors like silver and rose - there is absolutely something for everyone. Their jewelry ranges from bracelets to necklaces to earrings, and there are simple, trendy styles for men, as well. Matr Boomie also has an apparel and accessories section that includes fashionable tops for both men and women. Their accessories section is so versatile and has just about anything you can think of! They have hair scarves, totes, pouches and key chains along with stylish passport covers, wallets and fun dress-up pieces for children. There are also yoga straps and yoga bags for the trendy yogi. It is the perfect place to find items that you would use everyday but want to purchase from an ethical company!

When it comes to home decor it can be pretty tricky to be sure that your items have been ethically made. However, this store has a large variety of different pieces for your home. There is a large selection of ornaments, picture frames, and handmade traditional games and puzzles, such as chess and tic-tac-toe. They also have beautiful rugs and baskets. A few of my favorite items are the hanging plant bowl, which is very in style right now. I also love their wind chimes, and the unique garden decor to personalize my outdoor space!

Another practical feature this store has is a “Paper” tab where you can buy journals, wrapping paper, etc. When it comes to gift wrapping, it is easy to forget that wrapping paper is not the best for the environment. Ordering ethically sourced and environmentally friendly wrapping paper could really pay off and make you feel even better about giving gifts!

Matr Boomie is such a versatile and well rounded store. My favorite thing about them is that I can go to their website at any point and find the perfect gift for my family and friends. It is always a good feeling knowing that you are supporting an organization that has gone that extra mile (maybe an extra 10 miles) to leave their mark on this world in the best way possible.

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