Be Brave, Courageous and Fierce

While my friends welcome new tiny fingers and toes into their lives, I imagine who you, my future little one, will be. As I am given the title “aunt” and “godmother” to the children of my friends, I smile thinking of what it will feel like to be called “mom.” And oh, I wonder who you will be?  Will you be creative? Will I find you painting on every and any surface, including markers on my white walls? Will you be daring? Will you tempt fate and be no stranger to casts, bandages, and bruises with your daredevil stunts? Will you be outgoing? Will you start conversations with anyone and everyone and be the chatty neighbor in seat 34B? Will you be curious? Will I find you quietly scrutinizing books to feed your thirst for knowledge?

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Anyone Can Be A Hero

Truthfully, life is not always as wonderful as you see it through your eyes. There exist people, millions of people really, who do not know what it is like to be valued, only used. There also exist people who only know a desperate, vicious appetite for their own self-gratification, even if it comes at the expense of others. If you meet these people, the message they will try to send to you is that you don’t matter, but this could not be farther from the truth.

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Take the Road Anyway

To the next generation,

You are worthy of love. The world you grow up in may not teach you to recognize this, but it is inherently true, and your relationships with others cannot be as full as they were intended to be until you recognize this.

You have something to offer the world. No, this is not why you are worthy of love. It is out of this love, however, that you can spread what you uniquely have to offer to the rest of the world.

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Dear Boy

Dear Boy,

You were born faster than we expected. We didn't have time to drive anywhere, we didn't have time to grab anything, we just didn't have the time. We called the midwife and she arrived 20 minutes after you did. Those first moments were precious because it was just us. You, me and Daddy in that tiny apartment bathroom with the scratch in the painted tub. We were terrified but you seemed so sure of the timing, quickly latching on to life.

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A Letter to my Daughter on Self-Worth

My Dear Elleanor,

Each night we snuggle you in bed and you hear me whisper the same few words in your little ear. Sometimes you giggle at it sweetly, and other times you just smile as it’s spoken over you, time and time again. These simple words could not be truer, though … “Elleanor, you are light and joy.”

From the moment I felt your first dancing kick in my round belly, I was praying those sweet words over your life. The name your Daddy and I gave you means “bright one,” because you, my girl, keep us chasing and running after the sunshine that you carry with you wherever you go.  

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