Fighting for the Freedom of All: Lynne Starling Dowell

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been right in the middle of Dressember and suddenly found yourself running low on ideas. How do you stay creative, and how do you engage the people around you, all while trying to get your message out? If your hand shot up as quickly as mine did I’d like to introduce you to Lynne Starling Dowell.

Lynne comes from The Woodlands, Texas, but now resides in Houston, where she works for a company called Boosterthon. They strive to strengthen schools by helping them raise much-needed funds, and they share Lynne’s passion to change the world. If you were to look at her 2017 Dressember campaign page you would notice two things: she has a fierce heart for this cause, and she is defiant in the face of injustice, standing firm in the hope that there will one day be freedom for all.

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