Dear Boy

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Dear Boy,

You were born faster than we expected. We didn't have time to drive anywhere, we didn't have time to grab anything, we just didn't have the time. We called the midwife and she arrived 20 minutes after you did. Those first moments were precious because it was just us. You, me and Daddy in that tiny apartment bathroom with the scratch in the painted tub. We were terrified but you seemed so sure of the timing, quickly latching on to life.


I remember those first few months were quiet. You were such an easy baby, crying only when you needed something. As you gained independence, you learned faster than we expected. You had your hands in everything and anything, usually with a sneaky grin on that little face. You seemed so sure you could climb just a little higher if only Mommy would let you.

You have always been fast, my son, a lot faster than we expected. You required me to reach out and grab you before the parking lot, before the ant pile, before the edge of the pool. Strangers would always comment with a smile, "He keeps you running, doesn't he?" Panting from the chase, I think to myself ‘they have no idea.’ 


As I watch you continue to grow and test all the boundaries, pushing and pulling on definitions and reasons and the status quo, I feel an excitement in my tummy. You see, your parents are passionate about justice and will teach you how to fight the bad guys. Mommy will explain how valuable each human brother and sister is to the collective whole, regardless of what they're able to contribute. Daddy will make sure that you understand what it looks like for a man to sacrifice for his wife and children in a way that brings flourishing to not only the household but to the entire community. We will take you to parts of the world that are different from here. We will show you boys just like you who don't have mommy's to protect them from all the dangerous possibilities or daddy's to teach them how to stand up for what's right. We will watch that compassionate heart of yours look at all those babies without proper clothes and food and see firsthand what you're going to do about it. Son, with your speed, your creativity, and your determination, I am excited to have you on our team. 


We believe in you, Son. Your Daddy and I know that your energy and your humor and your empathy are all a part of you for a very specific and good reason. You will mature into a man who cares more for others than for himself. You will rest in the knowledge and confidence of knowing yourself to be valued regardless of your financial worth or social status. The way you have been loved will guide you towards loving others enough to give up your life for them. Until it's your turn to take the stand, we will teach you to love without holding back and how to harness your strength for the good of those around you. You were made for great things and we are here to lead you, by example, in a life of gracious compassion and fierce integrity. Always remember, Son, "It's not enough to be compassionate, you must act."

I’m glad you’re in my family.

Love, Your Momma


This is the second of a series of posts we will be doing of letters to the next generation -- whether that is our children, future children, nieces, nephews, siblings or our students. Part of advocating for justice is teaching the next generation why people are inherently valuable and important. We hope that this series inspires you to share the fight for justice with the children in your life that you influence. Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better place for the next generation to grow up in.


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About the Author

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Allyss Flores is finally a grown up, having turned 30 this year. She is grateful that now, thanks to Dressember, she can fight for justice every December regardless of her life circumstance. Aside from advocating and telling stories, Allyss loves to raise her two small children with her husband deep in the heart of Texas.