From Runaway to Relationship: A Story from “Saving Innocence”

From Runaway to Relationship.jpeg

We recently had the opportunity to move one of our clients into her first apartment. We were so honored to watch her transition from a group home to an apartment of her own.

Our client doubted if this moment would ever come, because there had been so many roadblocks along the way. Our advocate walked with this youth while she battled addictions, moved around to different group homes, got sent to juvenile hall and struggle to figure out where she's going. Having an advocate be able to be the constant in her life, made a huge difference.

Even though her situation changed, Saving Innocence maintained a relationship with this client even while she was considered a runaway. She knew that she could come to us for help without being judged. Today she holds keys to her own apartment, a high school diploma, is drug free, and most importantly she holds the keys to her future!


Saving Innocence has been advocating for children victimized by the sex trafficking industry in Los Angeles since 2010. We partner with Saving Innocence to fund front-line services help clients just like this one. Find out more about Saving Innocence here.

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