Fundraising Ideas For a Successful Dressember


Fundraising is an intimidating task to approach because it can be hard to know where to start and what steps to take in order to accomplish your fundraising goals. In this post, I have taken a few of many fundraising ideas and broken them up into categories so you can decide which type of fundraiser would be most compatible with your lifestyle. Click thru the pictures below to check out some of these ideas!

There are hundreds of ways to raise money for a cause that is meaningful to you, but picking the right approach can be the hardest part. Just keep in mind that Dressember is an organization with a mission that is impactful and important to our society moving forward. Many people and businesses are willing to get behind this cause because not only is it something people are proud to be involved in, but it can expand a business’s customer base by reaching an audience they’ve never been able to connect with before. It can also positively impact their reputation within the local community, so asking for help and support on this journey is something to keep in mind when choosing the most suitable fundraising path for you.


Raise your voice against slavery this December!

Commit to wearing a dress or tie every day in December. You'll challenge yourself, expand your knowledge on modern slavery and be equipped to lead your community in the fight to end human trafficking. Registration is open for Dressember 2018 and fundraising has already started! Be a part of the impact for our local and global partners by creating your campaign page today!

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Olivia Kyles is a Junior at Northern Arizona University pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Spanish. She finds her peace in helping others and is so excited to be working with Dressember helping to fight against modern day slavery. She loves to run, has a passion for animals and is obsessed with literature and movies based off of the roaring 20s!