Fashion Friday: I am Just One

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When faced with a great and seemingly unassailable injustice, it can be easy to feel helpless, anxious, and small.

After all, I am just one person.

Yes, I am just one person, however, what lies in me is a great potential.

I am just one person and, one choice at a time, I can chip away at the world’s injustices and advocate for a world painted in the vibrant hues of justice, freedom, and dignity. “I am just one person” becomes an expression of blazing potential, shedding its former identity of helplessness and anxiety.

This is the heart of the fair trade company Just One. They follow fair trade practices worldwide to provide fashion that empowers artisans in the slums of Kenya and former child soldiers in Uganda.

So, how does it work?

Just One fairly purchases handmade items from artisans living in extreme poverty, providing economic empowerment to them and their communities. When a purchase is made to Just One, a portion of the profits goes back to the artisans, further supporting their businesses and improving their quality of life.

Not only do they offer economic empowerment to their artisans, Just One sees their artisans as a family. They meet with their artisans regularly and provide them with medical support, tutoring, and assistance with any issues they may run into.

Just One truly is a partnership.


Just One was founded by Krista Jefferson, a photographer, and storyteller. It all started in 2012 when Krista won a national photography contest that sent her to Uganda, Africa, where she photographed the work that the non-profit organization Watoto was doing with former child soldiers and at-risk mothers. She carried home stories of the people she had met and gained a deep desire to use the knowledge she had gained on this trip to make a positive impact on the world, but she wasn’t certain how to do so.

While in Uganda, Krista had purchased a necklace as a souvenir. When she returned home to Canada, people complimented her necklace, providing Krista with an avenue to share about Uganda and the people she had met there. She sent out a message on her photography blog asking if anyone would purchase a necklace to support the women Watoto works with. In two weeks, she sold over 200 necklaces and Krista realized that even though she was just one person, she could make a positive difference in the world.

Just One was born.

The simplicity of Just One’s origin story is awe-inspiring and demonstrates the heart of the enterprise – that just one person can make a lasting impact.


"Every purchase from Just One creates meaningful income for the artisans, their families, and their communities. They act as an online marketplace for artisans’ designs, helping them reach a greater audience than they could before."

Not only is the heart and mission of Just One breathtaking, their products are gorgeous.

From the Long Brass Arrow Necklace to the Geometric Brass Earrings, Just One’s designs are chic, eye-catching, and one of a kind. Handcrafted, painted, and hammered by artisans in Uganda and Kenya, it’s difficult to pick just one.

Using the power of the purchase, we can begin to change the world.

Just One is also collecting funds to purchase birth certificates for their Kenyan artists, providing them with both a name and a secure future. A birth certificate costs approximately $30 Canadian dollars. Consider looking into this fundraiser and giving a truly impactful gift today. 

After all, just one person can make a world of difference.


You can shop Just One’s new collection below, meet the artisans behind the designs, and follow along on Krista’s adventures through her storytelling platform!

PLUS, they are offering a special deal to the Dressember community. Use the code DRESS for 20% off at checkout. Win-win.




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