5 Ways We Can Work Toward a #BalanceforBetter on International Women’s Day


They said that a woman couldn’t run for elections. They said that a widowed woman couldn’t be a Mayor…that a woman did not have the skills to manage a community. I have proved them all wrong.
— Coumba Diaw,  Mayor of Sagatta Dijoloff
Photo of Coumba Diaw. Photo Credit: UN Women/Assane Gueye

Photo of Coumba Diaw. Photo Credit: UN Women/Assane Gueye

Coumba Diaw is the mayor of a community that is in the region of Louga, Senegal (located in West Africa). Senegal is made up of 54 other municipalities and they are all headed by men, except the community of Sagatta Dijoloff. Mayor Diaw overcame many political and cultural barriers in order to get the position that she has now. Her courage has changed her community, her country, and even the world. It shows the progress that women are making, but it also shows how much farther we have to go.


International Women’s Day is here.

In the spirit of women empowerment, let’s talk about the many ways that we can support and empower those around us to promote the #BalanceforBetter.

  1. Share stories like Diaw’s! Diaw’s bravery helped many women in her community in a variety of different ways. She installed water taps in the majority of the villages, so women don’t have to spend a large amount of time fetching it. She also created a weekly market so women can increase their income by selling items that they have made. Sharing stories like Diaw’s serve as inspiration to women all around the world - moving them to take that leap of faith, to work up the courage to pursue what their heart desires, to believe in themselves, and to believe in each other.

  2. More than 11 million women own businesses in the United States, which supports nearly 9 million jobs. Needless to say, women are a major part of our economy and it is important to support these female-run businesses. There are many ways to show your support for these girl bosses by doing things; such as, promoting them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you enjoy their product or service, leave them good reviews on Google or their website to encourage and promote their services. If you have the opportunity, hiring or partnering with female professionals is another great way to show support. Many female entrepreneurs write inspirational books that you can buy or read in order to further your knowledge and support these women. You can also give these books to women you know who are trying to start their own businesses, or who want to be in a position of power. This can help motivate and connect them to other women who have ventured down the same path.

  3. There are many organizations dedicated to advocating for women's rights. Donating or volunteering with these organizations can help propel them further along in the fight for equal rights. Unicef is partnered with a group called Zonta International, which empowers women through education, fundraising and advocacy. The American Association of University Women advocates for equal pay for equal work, educational funding and salary negotiation. The National Organization for Women works towards resolving women's issues such as reproductive rights and justice, economic justice, racial justice, etc. All of these organizations accept volunteers and donations. There are also many other organizations you can support that can be found here.

  4. The power of education can be so beneficial to our world, especially when it comes to educating our youth. We need to be teaching our daughters that they can do anything by showing them support, providing them with a space where they feel powerful, and supplying them with the education they need to succeed.

  5. One of the most impactful things that we can do is to support women and all of the organizations advocating for equal rights. Using our voice and not being afraid to speak out and speak up can seem like a small act, yet it could move mountains. Our voices are more powerful than we can even begin to understand and our support can change the lives of women throughout our whole world. Encouraging and building up women supplies them with the confidence, funds and social backing that we all need in order to be successful.

We can change the world and give all women in all countries the opportunities that they deserve. Through education, support and advocacy we can reach equality. As we light fires inside of ourselves, we light fires inside of each other, and slowly but surely our voices will band together as one and we will be louder than ever before.

Small Run, Big Impact.


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