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Being a part of the Dressember community gives us the unique opportunity to connect with advocates all over the country! We may come from all over the continental U.S. and abroad, but we’re united in our passion for advocacy and desire to combat human trafficking.

This year one of our amazing interns hails from the beautiful Midwest locale of Springfield, Missouri. Austyn McAnarney has been participating in Dressember since 2016; first hearing about the movement from a Cosmopolitan article and then following them on Instagram. It struck her immediately. “I thought it was so neat that this campaign was doing something seemingly small to make a huge impact!

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Beyond being an advocate, Austyn has many different roles she fills in her day to day life. She is a wife, a mother of a two-year-old AND a recent graduate student of Missouri State University. This in and of itself is enough to be impressive, but Austyn is involved in her church and (in all her extra free time) works as an online fitness coach with Beachbody. It’s not a far stretch to say that Austyn is a go-getter and an earthshaker who likes to stay busy!

Austyn’s love for her husband Logan and their little girl Annabella is evident in all her photos. Joy exudes from her entire demeanor, and it’s clear that her family adores her as well. Logan and Austyn have the tender and genuine excitement that’s particularly evident in young couples as they'll be celebrating two years of marriage in June. Annabella lovingly referred to as Bella, loves all things Minnie Mouse and is a bright ray of innocence. Austyn is already preparing herself for the day where she’ll have to teach Bella about the realities of human trafficking. You can read her letter to Bella here. In the meantime, the time of innocence and youth is something Austyn is cherishing.

Austyn grew up as a pastor’s daughter until age 11, when her father Bruce Moore took over the administration of their state church camp. She has remained connected to her roots as an adult, marrying her talents and passion for the creative with her faith. As an integral part of the kids’ team and the creative team at her church, she utilizes her talents for editing announcement scripts and also contributes to the churches newest blog, Well Spoken

Austyn’s mother is also a major influence in her life. Dede Moore has been a teacher for twenty-three years and Austyn admires her for a variety of reasons. “My mom is super inspiring to me. She consistently gives her time and energy to whoever needs it. Like I said before, she’s an amazing teacher. Her students call her 'Mama Moore' for a reason - she CARES about them, and they know it… She is organized and a go-getter, supportive, encouraging, and often a voice of reason when I need one. I want to be like her when I grow up.”

Austyn’s deep desire to leave a legacy shines through in her enthusiasm for her students. “I currently substitute teach and love the opportunity to interact with students and have a positive impact on their lives!”  

“I currently substitute teach and love the opportunity to interact with students and have a positive impact on their lives!”

She plans to continue to pursue a Masters of Arts in Teaching to teach English to middle and high schoolers. Austyn laughs at it because she used to say that she “would NEVER teach middle schoolers”, but that they have grown on her and she’s come to love her interactions with them. Her passion for educating youth is a driving force with her advocacy with Dressember. 

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Every aspect of Austyn—her passion for her family, health and wellness, writing and teaching youth, and overcoming challenges—culminate in her spring internship with Dressember, which began in February 2018. She is a valuable member of our team and we’re thankful and lucky to have her aboard! She’s added her voice to the chorus of those who have committed to advocating for others and combating trafficking in any way they can. We look forward to more articles showcasing her passion in the months to come!


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About the Author

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Stephanie Ramos is passionate about minimalism, experiencing different cultures, cooking, writing and finding new ways to advocate in the fight against human trafficking. She’s currently employed as an advocate for children and teens in Immokalee, Florida. She is so excited to be a part of the Dressember community in a new way.