Meet The Dressember Team: Kaitlyn Wanta

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Here at Dressember, we love to highlight our interns! Our intern network spans across the United States and their collaborative hard work behind the scenes makes the dream work. Today we're introducing Kaitlyn Wanta, one of our intern hybrids. In the midst of getting engaged and graduating from college, Kaitlyn has managed to be both a Community Engagement Intern and a member of our Editorial Team. We are thankful for you, Kaitlyn!

Where are you from and what is your favorite thing about your hometown?

I am from Mosinee, Wisconsin. The thing I love about my hometown is that it is small and people know my name at the bank and grocery store (or they confuse me with my sister!) I also appreciate the local ice cream store (however, this can be dangerous because it is so close).

What is your role at Dressember?

I have a hybrid internship with Dressember which includes Community Engagement and Editorial roles. I inform others about Dressember and write for the Dressember Blog.

How did you hear about Dressember?

I heard about Dressember from the International Justice Mission chapter at my college. This is my third year of participating in Dressember and I really enjoy engaging advocates with the simple yet powerful action of wearing a dress to end slavery.

You have unlimited money and 24 hours to spend it, where do you go?

I would donate as much money as I could to as many humanitarian organizations that I could find. I would hopefully provide them with the financial resources they need to provide for those who do not have access to basic needs, education, or other opportunities. After that, I would probably travel to Hawaii.

Craziest thing you would do in a dress:

Let’s be honest, I would do anything in a dress that I would normally. So, probably skydive or swim with sharks.


Tell us about your latest adventure:

I recently spent the summer in Washington D.C. interning with International Justice Mission. Every day was an adventure in the city and I got to see many museums, monuments, and new restaurants. One of my favorite weekend trips was to the Shenandoah Mountains nearby. I went hiking away from the city and saw multiple waterfalls.

Tell us about a woman who inspires you:

My mom inspires me every day. Since I was little, I noticed how hard she works at everything she does (and she does a lot!) Not only that, but she has the most positive attitude through every situation. She is my biggest supporter, always encouraging my dreams, loving me in struggles, and telling others about the work I do.

How did you first find out about Trafficking?

I watched the documentary, Nefarious, at my home church and was shocked that girls were being exploited all around the world. This moment changed the path of my life. However, it wasn’t until college that I heard about International Justice Mission on my campus. I got involved right away because I wanted to act and stand up for victims of trafficking. My knowledge about human trafficking has continued to grow as more learning and leadership opportunities arise.

What is your favorite 2017 Dressember dress & why?

I love the Sierra dress! It fits my style, the colors are fashionable, and it has POCKETS!

Tell us a bit about your Dressember experience and any encouragement you would give to a new advocate:

My first year of Dressember, I felt as if I was the only one participating because I did not see anyone else constantly around me in a dress. If you decide to participate in Dressember and have moments where you feel you are alone, know that you are not! If you ever feel as if you are not making an impact just by wearing a dress, you are! I encourage you to stick with it and share with everyone what Dressember and human trafficking are. My second year, I formed a team of advocates who were willing to join me in Dressember. You never know what kind of impact you have on others, especially year after year of partaking in Dressember.


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