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Behind the Dressember Blog is a team of caring and passionate individuals with their own unique set of skills. Add a little sass and tenacity, you have the one and only Sonsee! As one of Dressember’s editorial interns, Sonsee writes from a small city called Strawtown located in central Indiana, or what some might consider a small dot on the map. Big city or small, her writing is inspiring and educating people all over the world about human trafficking. I’m delighted to be putting the spotlight on her and sharing the inside scoop on our interview. 

Sonsee is an active and engaged student at Trine University. In her junior year as a Communication major, Sonsee works for the Humanities and Communications Media team, covering stories within the department. She is also actively involved with the Christian Campus House, which serves as a ministry for the students at Trine University. Her career ambitions involve working with a nonprofit organization rescuing human trafficking victims and organizing rehabilitation programs for survivors. 

While it sounds like school, work, and other activities may have the best of Sonsee sometimes, a hectic family life awaits her at home. But that doesn’t stop her from loving it. When she’s home during school breaks, she shares her time with her parents and siblings, as well as her one-year-old niece, Elowyn. Elowyn has been Sonsee’s constant teacher of true love and patience. Her home is full of life, and not just humans, from a cocker spaniel named Chipper and three cats (Asher, Alaska, and Sandy) to three snakes and two bearded dragons (pets of her brother’s, of course!), and lastly, two racoons named Ricky and Rudy who are unable to be reintegrated in the wild. (Fun fact: Sonsee’s mom is a wildlife rehabber!) She also enjoys spending her time outdoors, writing and using hand lettering as a way to relieve stress (and for fun!), and she loves to read. 

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Some of us have that one moment or life-changing experience that gives light to our passion, and for Sonsee that was volunteering for Rapha House - an organization focused on rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking. Just a few weeks after graduating high school, Sonsee set out to Cambodia with Rapha House. Before then, she had never left the country. It was all a very new and exciting adventure for her. This volunteer opportunity was also the inspiration behind her passion to end modern day slavery. 

After her time with Rapha House, Sonsee was in search of another opportunity to help victims of human trafficking that didn’t involve traveling across the ocean, and through Dressember, she found that opportunity. Sonsee has been advocating for Dressember for three years now. She’s committed to working with organizations that care about people and the environment, which led her to becoming an editorial intern for Dressember. As someone who loves to write, the internship has given her the opportunity to write about things that matter, such as aiding victims of human trafficking on an influential platform. 

It was such a pleasure to communicate with Sonsee and get to know her. She’s such a passionate young woman who cares deeply about people and their needs. She’s looking forward to traveling and exploring new places. New Zealand is on her wish list! Before I wrap it up, here are a couple more fun facts to share about Sonsee: she’s a Harry Potter fan, and she loves reading quotes. I’ll leave you with one of her favorites:

I run on feel, I’ve no use for the logic of it all. I am gut instinct, I am intuition and sense. There is no war between my mind and my heart, it’s been won ages ago. Listen, to the triumphant sound of the steady beating.
— Tyler Knott Gregson

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Gaochen Xiong recently graduated with her Master’s in Public and Nonprofit Administration. As a first generation born Hmong American, who is dedicated to paving the way for her children and future generations, she is excited to expand her knowledge and fight for justice through Dressember. She’s an avid reader, lover of all things arts and crafts, and enjoys experiencing new adventures and traveling with her family.