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Jennifer Morrison is a woman of many talents. You may recognize her from her roles as Emma Swan in "Once Upon A Time" or Dr. Allison Cameron from the tv series, “House.” As an actress and producer, it can be easy to get involved in the hype of fame but Jennifer Morrison lives out grace and class on the daily. Which is why we knew that her dress design was going to be just as timeless and classy as she is. As a 2017 Dressember advocate, Jennifer showed deep commitment to the fight to end modern slavery. We're honored to have her support and are excited to present to you, "The Jennifer" dress design.

Can you tell us why it was important for you to be a part of Dressember, and why you designed your dress the way you did?

Dressember is an organization that has found a very practical way to raise money to fight for a very important cause. I wanted to design something simple and classic - Something that I know I would feel very comfortable in and I hope others do as well.

"I wanted to design something simple and classic - Something that I know I would feel very comfortable in and I hope others do as well."

That's the beauty of "The Jennifer" -- that you feel like you're wearing pajamas while still looking runway ready. What is keeping you inspired these days?

I recently took a deep dive into Michelangelo Antonioni's work.

Can you tell us about a women who you admire?

I admire my sister. She is an incredible mom and she is also always creating. She is a singer/songwriter as well as a painter. She plays numerous instruments. She has this aura of love that encourages everyone around her to be their best and true selves.

It is amazing to be surrounded with encouraging woman, isn't it? You've really blossomed and found great success in the film industry. What advice would you give to young Jennifer if you could go back in time?

You will always have to create your own opportunities. Never wait for someone to discover you.

We end all of our interviews asking the same question: What is the craziest thing you have done or would do in a dress?

I feel like Emma Swan did some pretty crazy things in a dress, but I tend to keep it more practical :)

Emma Swan is definitely the personification of #YouCanDoAnythingInADress. Exhibit A:


We'll leave you with Jen's favorite quote: "You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one." - anonymous

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