Meet the Designer: Laura Spencer


Laura Spencer, best known for her roles in "Bones" and "The Big Bang Theory" can now add "Designer" to her portfolio. Last year, Laura took on the Dressember challenge and raised over $7,000 -- enough to fund a rescue mission to bring survivors of trafficking out of their bondage. We were grateful when she agreed to open up a new creative stream to design a dress for us! 

Laura, tell us about your design and why you designed it the way that you did?

Last year I participated as one of Dressember's advocates for the very first time and loved it. Each day I took a photo in a dress and posted it to social media to hold myself accountable for the generous individuals sending in donations. After the campaign was finished I reviewed the photos and realized that most of my dresses were the exact same length, hitting the leg mid thigh. It seemed only fitting to have my design incorporate that length and reflect my personal style. I love simple design that can be dressed up or down. This dress can easily be paired with layers and accessories so it feels different each time you wear it. It was important to me that it could look good on its own as well, so I added the surprise opening in the back for some fun detail.

"I love simple design that can be dressed up or down. This dress can easily be paired with layers and accessories so it feels different each time you wear it."

Dress versatility is exactly what we're looking for in a dream Dressember dress. Where is your inspiration flowing from these days?

Photography. A 35mm film camera came into my life a few years ago and it has made me see the world so differently. You only get one chance at a picture and you can't see the result immediately so it slows you down and makes you really take in your surroundings for what inspires you most. I love photographing nature and people and capturing the mood of a moment. Sometimes I even use the developed images as creative writing prompts for further artistic inspiration and expression.

Creativity seems to motivate much of what you do. If you were able to go back in time and give advice to young Laura, what would you tell her?

Connect with your inner child and nurture that relationship daily. Be kind to yourself and keep creating.

"Be kind to yourself and keep creating." Those are words to hold onto. Who are some women in life that inspire you?

My Mom and Grandma. These two women have displayed strength beyond my wildest imagination throughout their lives and I am grateful to have them as role models. They have not only taught me how fun and joyful life can be but they have gone through life's ultimate hardships with incredible endurance and grace. It has been crucial in my understanding of life to witness how they handle the highs and lows and that life is still worth living despite it's difficulties. These women never cease to carry on while continuing to laugh and love fully and their beautiful example has had a powerful effect on everyone around them.

I can only imagine the powerful conversations that take place over that dinner table. Thinking of, is there a quote that is speaking to you these days? 

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change." -Brené Brown

Queen Brené! Okay, last question: What is the craziest thing you would do (or have done) in a dress?

I felt pretty crazy going to my exercise class in a dress last Dressember but quickly felt better when I saw a fellow advocate doing the same across the room. It was a fun way to talk with a stranger afterward and connect through a cause we were both passionate about!

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