Meet the Intern: Laurel Stride

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Here at Dressember, we love to highlight our interns! Our intern network spans across the United States and their collaborative hard work behind the scenes makes the dream work. Today we're introducing Laurel Stride, one of our Community Engagement interns spreading the word in her local community about Dressember. 

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Name: Laurel Stride

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida 

What is your favorite dress in the 2017 Dressember Dress collection?

The Blythe!

What made you decide to be a part of Dressember this year?

I believe that human trafficking is a tragedy that is often overlooked but affects so many people, especially young women, around the world. I imagined someone my age having to be a victim of sex trafficking or slavery as if it were me or one of my friends, and it gave me a call to action. It was crazy to me that just by wearing a dress for a month that I would be able to impact even a few people and help them improve their lives. No matter where they live or what their background is, everyone deserves basic dignity and an
opportunity to live their best life, and I loved that Dressember provided a way for people to make that possible!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Florence, Italy

What is your fundraising goal? 


Who is a woman that inspires you? 

Michelle Obama and Abigail Adams, I can't choose!

What is your favorite quote?

“No day but today” -Rent

Thank you, Laurel, for your commitment to Dressember! Her team at the University of Florida is pledging to raise $1,000. Good luck, Laurel! We believe in you.


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