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Around the world every day, artisan women create beautiful, handmade pieces of jewelry. These accessories are extensions of themselves, their cultures, and their stories. Noonday Collection, a socially conscious business using fashion to create opportunities, collaborates and champions these small businesses and the economic autonomy and human dignity they provide. They partner with artisans to sell a collection of jewelry and accessories, and to develop fair trade businesses in vulnerable communities around the world. Through an inspired and innovative platform, Noonday Collection elevates and asserts dignity, entrepreneurship, and fashion.

Jalia & Daniel, Ugandan artisanal entrepreneurs, inspired founder, Jessica Honegger to start Noonday Collection in 2010. Read the full story  here .

Jalia & Daniel, Ugandan artisanal entrepreneurs, inspired founder, Jessica Honegger to start Noonday Collection in 2010. Read the full story here.

In 2010, Jessica Honegger met Jalia and Daniel, talented jewelry designers and entrepreneurs in Uganda who were using fashion to create meaningful jobs in their community, yet dreamed of expanding their business to a larger, even a global marketplace. Jessica returned home, sold Jalia and Daniel’s jewelry to raise money to adopt her son, and told her community their stories. People fell in love with the jewelry and the ideas that were beginning to swirl in Jessica’s head—of a business that would alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship, dignity, and fashion. Jessica partnered with Travis Wilson, a passionate social entrepreneur, to launch Noonday Collection and change the world, one necklace at a time.

Noonday Collection starts with a simple belief in the dignity and power of work. In the developing world, millions of artisans are creating jewelry and accessories that represent their communities, traditions, and heritage. Without access to a global market, however, it can be difficult to expand their businesses and create jobs for those in their communities. Noonday Collection bridges this gap and empowers small, sustainable businesses to expand beyond their wildest dreams. Noonday collaborates closely with artisans to expand their reach. They advise artisans on creating styles and designs that women in America would wear, while maintaining their traditional craftsmanship and artistry.  

Click  here  for more information on Noonday's business model.

Click here for more information on Noonday's business model.

Noonday Collection was founded on the belief that style can change the world, and it has. Since launching, they have established business partnerships with 29 artisans, whose businesses have impacted 4,431 artisans directly. Since dignified work empowers families and communities to rise out of poverty, these partnerships have impacted 20,354 family members. Together with consumers and producers around the world, Noonday is building a thriving world where people have dignified, safe jobs, children attend school, women are empowered, and communities flourish.

Noonday Collection cannot do this alone. It is through the support of their customers, ambassadors, and champions that they can continue to grow sustainable businesses worldwide and promote dignity through fashion and expression. A critical part of their innovative, groundbreaking platform is their ambassador program, a group of entrepreneurs and storytellers who create the marketplace for their artisan’s products. Ambassadors launch their own businesses, styling their friends with Noonday’s gorgeous collections, earning a supplemental income, and making a lasting impact on the world. There are various opportunities to choose from in the program so you can “noonday your way.” In addition, ambassadors embark on life-changing journeys to visit their artisan partners around the world and see firsthand how Noonday Collection makes an impact on families and communities worldwide. If you would like to start your own business and transform people’s lives through dignity and fashion, become an ambassador with Noonday Collection and join a global sisterhood of socially conscious entrepreneurs, advocates, and designers.

With Noonday Collection, you can wear their stories and share their stories. If you would like to shop their beautiful pieces, check out their online shop.

We are grateful for our friends at Noonday Collection for their generous partnership with us. You may remember founder, Jessica Honegger, as one of the dress designers for our 2017 Dressember dress collection. You can purchase "The Jessica" and the rest of the collection here:



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