Register for Dressember in 3 Easy Steps


Put on your best dress or tie because it is time for Dressember registration! This year, we’ve increased our goal to…wait for it….

3 million dollars.

You read that right. This year, we’re dreaming bigger and aiming higher. We’ve added 9 new domestic grant partners bringing us to a total of 12 grant partners combating human trafficking from all angles. It will take multitudes of compassionate and creative individuals to meet our goal. Are you up for the Dressember challenge? Follow our simple three step registration process and you’ll have your campaign page up and running in no time!

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If you’re new to Dressember or didn’t participate last year then you can click the button below to get started.

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Step 1: Decide how you want to fundraise

There are three ways you can participate in Dressember 2018:

1) Fundraise on your own: Take on the challenge solo and see how your simple decision inspires others around you! (PS: If you decide you want to join a team later, you’re able to simply add yourself to a team later on through the team’s unique url).

2) Join a Team: Joining a team is a great way to find support, share ideas and offer encouragement to others along the way. View a list of current teams to join or…

3) Start your own team: Rally some friends together and come up with a great team name (puns encouraged). We even have a resource guide to get you started.

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Step 2: Personalize your page

Fill in the form to create your campaign page. Be sure to use your real first and last name and email as this is how we will communicate resources to you during the campaign!

Set a fundraising goal for your team and for yourself that you would like to shoot for. Also, don’t feel constricted. You can always go back and change your goal so why not dream big?

Step 3: Make your plan, Stan.

Voila! You are officially registered for Dressember 2018! As crazy as it sounds, your simple decision to consistently wear a dress or tie everyday in December makes a huge difference in the fight to end human trafficking. Thank you for deciding to show up.

Now what? You don’t have to wait until December to fundraise. Past advocates have told us the key to a successful Dressember is to start spreading the word and asking for donations early. This also gives you time to make a game plan. Start by sharing your campaign page url with your friends and family. Put it in your Instagram bio and tell your community why you’ll be wearing a dress or tie everyday in December.

We’re here to help with resources and weekly emails to equip you with the tools to spread awareness to your communities. Don’t forget to check out our downloadable resources below for helpful tips and tricks!

PLUS — we wouldn’t leave you hanging without rewards! Fundraise and earn incredible rewards all Dressember long. Check out our 2018 rewards.