SiiZU: A Brand Built with Thought


Photo of SiiZU logo.

Photo of SiiZU logo.

I don’t believe I am the only person who has a heart for ethical, sustainable fashion and yet often buys from lesser brands due to price point. Building an ethical wardrobe takes thought and often, careful budget planning. Fortunately, the ethical clothing brand, SiiZU, will overwhelm you in the very best way. Actively combating fast-fashion culture, they are a breath of fresh air in today’s fashion climate.

The beauty in SiiZU is that they aren’t just presenting buyers with high quality products in an enticing way, but they are a brand which is fighting to remain sustainable while providing better fashion choices to the average buyer.

I was able to speak with Sarah Ahn, Head of Design for Apparel at SiiZU, and ask her about the story behind the brand. I asked her: why SiiZU is so dedicated to providing not only high quality, sustainable pieces, but also at price points that are reasonable?

Ahn shared:

When I first met Kay, one of the co-founders of SiiZU, she asked me ‘Why do we all have to pay $300 dollars for a silk top?’ That really is the question that started it all for SiiZU – it was after a disappointing shopping outing in Soho that the founders noted the genuine lack of eco-friendly options available for average shoppers like ourselves who are looking for stylish sustainable pieces but an affordable cost.
Photo of Kay Wen, Co-Founder of SiiZU

Photo of Kay Wen, Co-Founder of SiiZU

A large part of the SiiZU brand is their commitment to sustainable practices and materials. The fabrics they use look nothing less than exquisite, and SiiZU is dedicated to exclusively using fabrics that are 100% organic and eco-friendly for our entire line of clothes.” Their eco-friendly, water-based vegan leather has no DMF, a hazardous material often used in vegan leather production, and they use water during production as opposed to harmful solvents. Their SeaWool fabric fights waste as it is made from upcycled oyster shells in Taiwan, which strikes me as such a clever option in today’s wasteful fashion industry. SiiZU also aims to source and manufacture all their merino wool and cashmere within Inner Mongolia to cut down on unnecessary travel and air pollution in an effort to respect the environment.

The other part of providing sustainable fabrics is creating them in an ethical way. SiiZU takes a great interest in the dignity of those working their factories, and only teams up with reputable manufacturers who ensure fair treatment and fair pay.

Ahn affirmed this:

One of SiiZU’s founding beliefs is to deliver eco-friendly fashion at a reasonable price point. Doing so in a transparent helps to show the customers exactly what they are paying for. It took a lot of time and research in finding our factories.
Photo of a ZiiZU factory.

Photo of a ZiiZU factory.

Their factories are all fairly small, ranging from 80-300 workers, and are based in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, Inner Mongolia, New York, Beijing and Suzhou China. SiiZU’s commitment to transparency allows them to publish information on their website without fear or shame. SiiZU is proud of how deeply they care, and you can be proud of shopping with them. In addition to ethical factories and sustainable products, SiiZU donates generously to American Forests, which is an organization that has been committed to protecting and restoring American forests for 140 years. In this way, SiiZU can help to close the ecological loop their production creates. Your purchase at SiiZU is helping to restore to earth and not destroy it.

SiiZU is an amazing option and I would encourage you to explore their website and learn about their practices in depth; you will be absolutely fascinated by their commitment to treating this earth and the people on it with kindness.

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