Trafficked in the States: Audrey's Story

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Audrey was an everyday American girl. She had a difficult childhood, full of family dysfunction and injustices, but as she neared her adult years she was getting on track to accomplish her hopes and dreams.

She was determined to begin working toward everything she believed she could achieve in life, regardless of her past.

When Audrey was 22 she was approached by an older woman who pretended to be a friend and mentor to her. She gave promises of helping her get her life on the right track and setting her up to reach her dreams. Audrey was thrilled and excited at the thought of having help in taking steps forward.

Shortly after meeting this older woman, she learned that contrary to how it had been explained to her, she was going to have to sell her body to bring in money. Against her will, Audrey was sexually exploited and lived under the control of this woman, who was a trafficker, for over two years.

During a law enforcement recovery operation, Audrey was discovered and identified as a victim of human trafficking. After speaking with law enforcement and victim services, she recognized for the first time that what had happened to her was not okay.

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Prior to that moment, she did not have the language to put around the horrific things she was enduring. But after that, she knew that she was a survivor of human trafficking. When Audrey met A21 and heard about their Freedom Center, she decided to accept their assistance and began working with A21 to truly achieve her dreams.

A21 is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They work in 11 countries around the world, 7 of them focusing on fierce intervention and six of them providing restorative aftercare. We are proud to partner with A21 and support their life-saving work.