Hopelessness to Healing: Natasha's Story

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With the promise of a new job and a new life in Greece, Natasha was feeling hopeful and empowered. Little did she know, after moving all the way from Ukraine, her travel documents had been faked and her new employer was actually a trafficker.

She was told she would go to jail if she did not do what her traffickers demanded.

In just a moment’s time, her dreams were crushed as she was forced into prostitution and slavery. Moving from brothel to brothel in different towns, she had a daily quota of men she had to service and if she did not meet it, she would be beaten.

Natasha never thought she would be in such a dire situation, being taken against her will, forced to service men sexually, and her soul dying a little more each day. She was a prisoner to her captors, but she was also a prisoner of hope. It was all she had left.

She didn’t know how she would ever escape, or if she would get out of the situation alive, but she hoped.

She always held on, and one day she got away.

That’s when A21 took her in and helped her begin the long process of living free and discovering life as it was meant to be.

Natasha was nearly destroyed by her traffickers, but freedom and restoration are becoming her new story.

After taking time to rediscover herself and heal from her deep trauma, Natasha was able to dream again. Channeling her talent and creativity, she took classes to learn how to do makeup and nails, and everyone loved her designs!

Eventually, Natasha moved to another European country where she has found a new job and a new life. She also met a wonderful man, and they have started their own beautiful family. What was once a story of hopelessness and horror, has now turned into a story of healing and restoration.

A21 is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They work in 11 countries around the world, 7 of them focusing on fierce intervention and six of them providing restorative aftercare. We are proud to partner with A21 and support their life-saving work.