Dignity Restored: Tia's Story

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Tia was a bright and beautiful 15-year-old living in the South Carolina. She had dreams and goals and so much potential. Her life hadn’t been the easiest, but she was determined to do amazing things in the world.

One night while hanging out with friends, she met a man and even though she told him she was underage, he still forced her to go with him. He hurt her and posted her on the internet so men could buy time with her. She feared for her life so she complied with what he told her to do.

He forced drugs into her body and told her how to wear her hair, makeup, and nails. He took all the money she made and bought himself everything he wanted.

Through her ordeal, she suffered various communicable diseases. Her trafficker made her continue to work and would not take her to a doctor to get her the help she needed. After a particularly violent night, Tia was found by law enforcement who identified her as a human trafficking victim.

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Tia was returned home and connected to A21. A21 staff met her that same day and we were devastated by the amount of physical abuse that was apparent that she had been subjected to. They also knew the psychological and emotional abuse was just as present. Tia has worked hard every day since to build a new life. She prioritized her education and is one test away from completing her high school equivalency exam, she is driving, working, and has her hopes and goals in her sights now.

A21 is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They work in 11 countries around the world, 7 of them focusing on fierce intervention and six of them providing restorative aftercare. We are proud to partner with A21 and support their life-saving work.