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Noticing the Victims: How Legislation Lets Trafficking Victims Slip Under the Radar

In his talk, Brooks first explains how human trafficking (inclusive of sex trafficking) is an industry - the fastest growing illegal industry, in fact - to which we all contribute, as consumers with demands for the industry supply. He then elaborates on the specific legal approach to the prostitution industry, which enables a person to gain money for performing sex under voluntary terms.

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Heather Leith: Advocating All Year Long

It was 2012 when Biola University junior, Heather Leith, decided to participate in Dressember for the first time. Because her sister, Shannon, is close friends with Dressember’s founder, Blythe Hill, she’s heard about it since the very beginning. As that year’s campaign came to an end, she found herself discouraged that she hadn’t met her goal. She questioned whether her meager amount would make any impact in the lives of trafficking victims.

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Advocating since 11-years-old: Jamie Beshears

As an avid knitter, baker, hiker, and reader, Jamie Beshears said her perfect day would be full of coffee, bowls of pasta, a fantastic film, smoked salmon, a retro cocktail, and reading in a tent before taking a nap. Where can we sign up as well?! Having grown up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, Jamie was inspired by her parents for the genuine love and compassion they showed towards others.

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