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Dressember FAQ: DO I need to buy more dresses or ties to participate?

A question that gets asked a lot when Dressember rolls around is, “Do I have to go out and buy a whole bunch of dresses or ties?” It can be tempting to want to stock up on these pieces so that you never have to worry about having nothing to wear. But I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t let the thought of not having enough dresses or ties make you reach for your wallet or stop you from participating in Dressember, because what you already have in your closet is all you need!

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Spotlight on Dressember Advocate: Hannah Britton

Hannah Britton was more than just the average college student during her time at Huntington University. Her passion for activism and steadfast resolve allowed her to spread a growing interest in fighting against human trafficking across the Indiana community. Becoming a Dressember advocate during her time at Huntington University provided her an outlet through which she could channel this passion and enlighten others about the plight of those still enslaved around the world. However, Hannah’s commitment to ending slavery involved more than just putting on a dress for the entire month of December. It involved fearless activism and striving towards unfathomable, remarkable goals.

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