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So, What does Slavery have to do with Makeup?

When I shop for makeup, I consider several different things: Is it all natural? Does the makeup company test on animals? However, I never stop too long to think about how makeup is made. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy wearing makeup that may have some shimmer to it. Although it makes us feel pretty and boosts our confidence, most shimmery makeup contains an ingredient called mica - an ingredient often available as a result of labor trafficking.

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How Buying for Babies Can Be Good For Mothers

2019 will be my first Mother’s Day as a mother, which I’ll celebrate with my husband and newborn. As I prepare for my infant’s arrival, I am grateful for ways to support mothers throughout the world whose work allows them to provide for their children and take care of themselves, as well.

Below are three companies whose creations I’m dreaming of having in my nursery.

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How is climate change contributing to human trafficking?

What do you think makes a person vulnerable to human trafficking? My initial thoughts are situations like monetary stress, previous abuse, homelessness, and personal crises. But there is one large contributor to human trafficking that is often overlooked: Climate change.

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Sweatshops Exposed: Why we must aim for transparency

The number of people in slavery today is colossal. It’s daunting. It hurts. And yet, we sit here, reading these articles on our phones or computers––in America, in Canada, in Europe, everywhere across the globe––with anger brewing inside of us. And we stay seated. Why?

Because we are the consumers of the slave industry.

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Malia Designs: A Triple Threat against Slavery

How many of you are like me and started your day with a cup of coffee or tea? If you lived in Cambodia, you probably just spent your entire daily income on that beverage. According to ECPACT (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism), more than 70% of Cambodians live on less than $3 a day. Poverty is one of the factors that make individuals vulnerable to human trafficking, which is a serious problem in this Asian country. Women are particularly endangered due to gender inequality and lack of education. Dressember brand partner Malia Designs is working to change that by providing economic opportunities for both women and those with physical challenges.

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Six Fair Trade Chocolate Alternatives

Every time I get groceries, I’m tempted to get a cheap chocolate bar at the checkout stand, AKA the guilt lane. Unfortunately, my personal health concerns aren't the only reason to feel guilty about buying chocolate. Around 2 million children in West Africa are forced into 80-hour work weeks with little pay—or no pay at all—to make most of these chocolate products. Earlier this year, Sarah Beech wrote an article for Dressember about the connection between slavery and chocolate.

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