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Breaking Myths about Prostitution

Prostitution is often assumed to be ‘victimless’. This is a prevalent theory which suggests that all individuals present are consenting. This opinion ultimately conceptualizes prostitutes as people who have chosen this life, who make profit from it and live glamorously. While it may be true that some individuals in the industry choose this line of work and are fulfilled by it, we must recognize that this is not the experience of all sex workers. 

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The Power of Love this Valentine's Season

This Valentine’s Day, I want to spend some time reflecting on love in ways which you perhaps don’t think about every day, and I want to invite you to think about love in new ways with an advocate’s heart. We have all encountered unloving people and been put in unloving situations; we all know what love is not. Love is not harmful. Love is not selfish. Love is not using another human being.

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War is No Place for a Child

When most of us think about human trafficking, images of children in sweatshops and women in massage parlours spring to mind. These are the horrible cases of human trafficking that splash across our newspapers, fill up our news feeds, and scroll across our television screens for the five o’clock news. However, there is another form of trafficking that we seldom talk about, one that lurks in the shadows. It may sit in the back of our minds, but all too often we ignore it because it doesn’t happen near us. What I’m talking about is the heartbreaking reality of child soldiers.

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