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Social Media: Making Targeting Easier for Human Traffickers

In our current digital age, social media makes the world go round. There are so many online outlets that are used in order for us to remain in contact with our friends and family like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. According to the Polaris Project, the internet has dramatically reshaped how we buy and sell things, including each other.

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How to talk to Your Kids about Stranger Danger without Freaking them Out

This concept is often called “stranger danger,” but as I prepare for these conversations with my son, I’m realizing the importance of teaching a more nuanced approach than just avoiding unknown people. After all, some strangers are safe, while, unfortunately, some people our children could come into contact with are not. As I’ve researched and talked to friends, I’ve learned a few tips to help empower our children to keep themselves safe around adults, both known and unknown, who might not have their best interests at heart.

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A resource for a safer internet: The FOSI grid

Internet safety for children has long been an issue with both parents and legislators. The rise of connectivity and Internet access has increased problems like cyber-bullying and the online sexual exploitation of children. Law enforcement officers, parents, and lawmakers have worked to educate the public, protect children, and prosecute offenders in order to make the Internet a safer place.

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