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What I Learned about Human Trafficking from a Sci-Fi Sex Worker

When I streamed the 2002-2003 Joss Whedon series Firefly about ten years ago, I understood the spaceship crew that smuggled goods to maintain their independence from an inegalitarian interplanetary government, but I was uncomfortable with the presence of a sex worker among them. Inara Serra held the title of Companion: a state-licensed, guild-trained, freelancing sex worker. She leased a private shuttle on the ship Serenity and shared in the crew’s life on the outskirts of the realm. I was grateful to have my prejudice challenged and to learn to respect the basic human dignity of a woman whose chosen career path was not one I would choose for myself.

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How Buying for Babies Can Be Good For Mothers

2019 will be my first Mother’s Day as a mother, which I’ll celebrate with my husband and newborn. As I prepare for my infant’s arrival, I am grateful for ways to support mothers throughout the world whose work allows them to provide for their children and take care of themselves, as well.

Below are three companies whose creations I’m dreaming of having in my nursery.

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Five Ways The Story of Oliver Twist Looks Like Trafficking Today

As I learned about modern-day slavery over the last few months, I recalled Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist. The novel is a fictional tale of a child who endures mistreatment in an orphanage and an apprenticeship before being trafficked into illegal labor. He tries to escape and is eventually aided by two elderly people who shelter him, uncover his family history, and restore his inheritance. In my reading, I found several ways Oliver’s story correlates with child trafficking in the United Kingdom today.

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Taking Matters Into Her Own Cups: Crystal Russell from "All of Us Matter”

Fresh roasted beans trickle into a grinder, releasing hearty aromas as they become grains. A kettle bubbles, then hisses, then whistles. Carefully timed immersion in a glass beaker melds water with flavor, then sediment is pressed down. This is Crystal Russell’s favorite way to make coffee, a morning ceremony before she faces a day of mothering her three children and fighting human trafficking through her company, All of Us Matter.

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