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Noticing the Victims: How Legislation Lets Trafficking Victims Slip Under the Radar

In his talk, Brooks first explains how human trafficking (inclusive of sex trafficking) is an industry - the fastest growing illegal industry, in fact - to which we all contribute, as consumers with demands for the industry supply. He then elaborates on the specific legal approach to the prostitution industry, which enables a person to gain money for performing sex under voluntary terms.

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What is the Trafficking Victims Protection Act?

One of the ways we can support victims of human trafficking is by providing funds for legal services so that survivors have access to Victim’s Rights Attorneys who will fight for them to receive justice as outlined in United States laws. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act, commonly referred to as the TVPA, is attempting to make the application of these US laws easier.

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Dressember FAQ: "Isn't it the government's responsibility to do something about this?"

Here at Dressember we spend much of our time and resources advocating for trafficking victims at home and abroad. A question we often receive is, “Isn't it the responsibility of the government to address social issues like human trafficking?” It’s a sensible question—after all, if governments are not protecting their citizens, who will? Indeed, as of 2018, human trafficking is illegal in all 50 United States, (beginning with Washington in 2003), and is recognized as a global crime. There are a variety of state, federal and global laws and acts in place to prosecute traffickers and protect victims.

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