An Advocate's Guide to Team Building

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Every day brings us one day closer to Dressember! As our favorite month of the year gets closer, the excitement and planning start to build! From outfits to fundraising, there can be a lot to think about, but we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Dressember is all about collaboration. We create big change when we work together. That’s where Dressember teams come in. Dressember teams work together to brainstorm, advocate, and fundraise (or as we like to call it: funraise). Hand in hand, we can make an even bigger difference and make a few friends along the way. This is our advocate’s guide to building a team so that, come Dressember, you’ll have the team of your dreams!


1. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Teams are simply groups of advocates who fundraise together, share ideas, and champion one another. When you’re part of a team, you set a team goal that you all collectively work to reach. Being a part of a team is motivating and inspiring and can have an even bigger impact on the fight to end human trafficking.

2. Teams offer support.


Some days can be crazier and tougher than others. We get it. We’ve got your back, and so does your team. Your Dressember team is a support system as you raise money and awareness. Dressember teams provide encouragement, motivation, accountability, and constant support.

3. Teams encourage creativity.


Do you love making graphics? Or designing dresses? Or coming up with clever slogans? Those are all tools that will help your Dressember team be as impactful as possible! You can use graphics and art to make your social media campaigns even more informative and powerful and, when you’re a part of a team, you can share that with others.


1. Find your tribe.

First things first, find your tribe! Grab your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, even the barista at your local coffee shop, and invite them to be a part of Dressember. Committing to wearing a dress every day and advocating for such an important issue can be less daunting when you’re invited to be a part of a team. The Dressember Facebook page or the Dressember hashtag (#Dressember) on social media platforms can also be a great way to find people who are looking to be a part of a team.


2. Sign up and share!

Signing up your team is a breeze. When you sign up for Dressember , you will be given the option to create a team. Once you’ve signed up, you can share the link to add others to your team. Everyone will have their own fundraising pages and will be a part of the team fundraising page. Every time someone makes a donation, it will go towards your personal fundraising goal and your team’s!

3. Play the name game!

Ok. This part isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s certainly fun. Flex your creative muscles and brainstorm name ideas with your team!

4. Set your goals.

When you’re part of a team, you have your sights set on two goals! You create a personal fundraising goal for the month of Dressember and a team fundraising goal. The team goal can be the aggregate of all of the participants’ individual goals or even more! Having a team goal is not only a great tool for fundraising, it’s motivating and empowering.

5. Find a way to connect.

Dressember is a global campaign to aid in the fight against human trafficking. That means that our advocates are spread all over the world. The members of your team might be too. Not to worry! Since Dressember is a digital-based campaign, it’s easy to connect and advocate as a team from anywhere in the world. Find the most efficient way to connect as a team and start spreading ideas and encouragement!



Being a part of a team means fundraising together, but it can also mean growing together and celebrating your successes together. Here are fun team ideas to grow as a team and celebrate the exciting, world-changing month of Dressember.

1. Throw a kickoff party.

A kickoff party is a great way to connect, share ideas, and celebrate the start of Dressember!

2. Have a photoshoot.

Throw on your Dressember dresses and have a photoshoot! This is a fun way to take your social media campaign to the next level.

3. Have a celebration party.

Celebrate all of the successes of Dressember! Share stories and encouragement and celebrate the world-changers around you.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, comment below! We always love to hear from you. Happy team building


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