Grant Recipient Responsibility

All grant recipients (each a “Grantee”) are required to comply with the laws of the United States, the Internal Revenue Service, and of local and other applicable laws, rules, and regulations relating to use of the grant funds. Additionally, Grantees must comply with the following requirements:

Written Progress Reports

Grantees agree to, at their own expense, provide Dressember with quarterly written progress reports, and a final report. Reports must be delivered by email to Dressember.
The progress reports should include, without limitation, the following:

  • Update Scope – Provide a snapshot of the portion of the project for which this particular report applies.  What were they key objectives for this period; how were the grant funds used; and what is your summary view of success and/or challenges for this period?

  • Progress – Now let’s get more detailed. How much progress have you made? How are you measuring this?  In what ways have you met, exceeded, and/or fallen short of intended progress? 

  • Measurement – How are you measuring your success?  How has this been consistent or inconsistent with your initial expectations and what, if any, changes have you made in the process?

  • Challenges – What challenges have you encountered?  Were they anticipated or unexpected?  How have you dealt with these challenges?

  • Sustainability – What steps are you taking and/or considering to ensure the future success of your project beyond the completion of Dressember’s grant funding (i.e. future financial support, staff requirements, continued community interest)?


Financial Reports

Along with each progress report, and the final report, Grantee agrees to, at its own expense, financial update and corresponding financial statements, updated budgets, and other appropriate reporting regarding the use of the Grant funds for each applicable period and, along with the final report, the entire term of the Grant. Reports must be delivered by email with each quarterly progress report and with the final report. Grantees also agree to allow Dressember to review its Grant-related financial materials, books, and records to audit Grantee’s use of the Grant at any time upon Dressember’s reasonable request.


Success Narratives

A summary narrative description of the work performed with the Grant funds, including, as appropriate, photos and individuals stories and quotations shall be submitted along with the final report. Think of this as a “PR version” of your report that we might want to share with others to highlight your work and how our grant supported it during the applicable reporting period.


Participation in Dressember Campaign – Marketing & Social Media

Dressember conducts a month-long campaign during the month of December during which it promotes its anti-trafficking work by asking participants to wear a dress during each day of the month to raise awareness and funding for our partners.  That includes you!

So we ask that each of our grant recipients participate in this campaign by promoting it through their social media channels and via other marketing materials.

All related marketing materials, social media, and communications will be used to support Dressember’s campaign; before during and after the campaign duration. 


We ask that you include reference to the Dressember campaign in a blog post or email newsletter as follows:

  1. At least once 2 weeks before the start of the campaign

  2. At least once during the month of December 

  3. Once in January reminding of the closure of the campaign 

Dressember will provide Grantee with applicable HTML content


We also ask that you include reference to the Dressember campaign in your social media platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) Posts must be made as follows:

  1. At least 5 times before the start of the campaign

  2. At least 5 times during December 

  3. Twice in January reminding of the closure of the campaign

Dressember will provide sample post options prior to and/or during the campaign.  You may customize your social media posts, but all posts should be consistent with the provided examples.



Grantees shall be permitted to add Dressember’s name and logo to their website with a link to Dressember’s website. However, any and all such use of Dressember’s name and/or logo shall be approved by Dressember in advance and in writing.