Are you up for the challenge?


Our annual Dressember campaign is a 31 day style challenge.

It is the easiest way to advocate to put an end to human trafficking -- after all, you have to get dressed every day. If 31 days of dresses or ties sounds like a total bummer, have no fear, Pajamuary is around the corner (Too much? We don't think so).

Here's how it works.

Pledge to wear a dress or tie every day in December by making a campaign page

-- Setting up your campaign page is as simple as the forms you fill out at the doctor’s office -just shorter and not as invasive.

Use your attire as a conversation starter

-- We've got some helpful products in our store to make these easier!

Commit to learn more about modern-day slavery

-- You didn't think we'd make you do that on your own, did you? No way! We'll provide weekly emails, daily blog posts and resources. Not only will you widen your knowledge, but you'll be equipped to raise awareness in your own community.

Get to fun-raising! 

-- Set a goal for how much you want to raise and make a plan! If you're fresh out of ideas, we have some for you. Try your hand at hosting a clothing swap, an old fashioned bake sale, or follow the lead of 2017 Advocate, Hannah Britton and shave your head (not a requirement for participating). Use what you have, where you are, and dream big! You never know the impact you could make.