How You Can Support Our Cause


#Itsbiggerthanadress and so too can your impact be. When you make the decision to support the Dressember Foundation, you are not only aiding the efforts of a steadfast community of advocates but making the decision to personally take action against the commercial sex trade and other forms of modern slavery. Each of our partners are committed to making a lasting difference and have made major efforts to help rescue, protect, and restore the lives of trafficking survivors around the globe. Funding for the Dressember Foundation supports the cultivation of survivor relief programs, whereby our partners can coordinate investigation and rescue initiatives with local law enforcement, work with legal authorities to incriminate sex traffickers, and provide individualized treatment (such as housing, counseling, and medical assistance) for victims.

So how can you get involved?

There are several ways to become an advocate for Dressember. Whether you’d like to fundraise on your own, join an existing team, start a new team, or simply make a donation - it’s up to you. Registration for our 2018 Dressember Campaign launches on October 1st. To see some of our previous fundraisers, click here. When you sign up to become an advocate, you can personalize your experience by creating a page with your profile picture, as well as a brief bio explaining what your donation means to you.

But don’t just stop there!

Technology has made supporting nonprofit organizations easier than ever. There are numerous other ways for you (and your friends) can get involved. Have a birthday coming up? Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to help raise money for Dressember. To set this up, simply select the nonprofit you’d like to donate to, suggest the amount of money you’d like to raise, set a date for when the fundraiser will end, and finally, add a title and brief description explaining why you’d like to raise funds to support the cause. Your friends may be more willing to aid your contributions, as they will not only be giving a birthday gift but supporting a great cause. Take the lead of Danielle Yvette Hitchen who raised $900 for her 30th birthday through Facebook! It is also possible to start a fundraiser on Facebook during any other time of the year. Perhaps the best part of utilizing social media to raise funds for nonprofits is the ability to reach your entire friend list!

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can use Instagram to raise money by placing your donation link in your bio. When posting, use relevant and catchy hashtags to promote your fundraising efforts, such as #itsbiggerthanadress or #fundraiser. As effective as hashtags can be for generating awareness to your page, it is advised to limit hashtags to 10 per post, to avoid coming across as spam. By appealing to two major social networks, you should be able to reach the majority of your social constituents.

Also, there is the option to host fundraising events. In addition to our most notable Dressember events, there are plenty of other event ideas that you might find easily implementable within your local community. Here’s a list of 100 unique fundraising ideas that you might find useful. Just be sure to register your event online to sell tickets and manage the proceeds.

Whether you’re utilizing social media or participating in an event, there are so many ways you can show your support and help the Dressember Foundation in our efforts to end human trafficking.


You don't have to wait until December to be a part of the impact. Join the Dressember Collective and become part of a powerful community of advocates and donors furthering the work and impact of the Dressember Foundation through monthly giving. 


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