Meet Designer, Jessica Honegger

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Jessica Honegger, founder of Noonday Collection, believes that "Dolling up isn't what makes a woman beautiful; simply put. it is her. All the dolling up is a vehicle to express her beauty which is already there." Honestly, it is impossible to have a conversation with Jessica and not leave with a smile on your face. Here is our interview with boss-lady and travelista, Jessica Honegger.


Name: Jessica Honegger

Title and Company: Founder and Co-CEO, Noonday Collection

Why I designed my dress the way I did:

I really love a feminine silhouette, and nothing says that more than a cinched waist and a v-neck (and something a little bit short!). This is a dress that shows off the unique assets of a woman, and I love that about it! It also incorporates beautiful patterned fabrics from Nepal, which add a far-flung feel to the dress.

My biggest design influence/inspiration:

As a lover of feminine silhouettes, it’s hard to do better than 1950s Chanel and Dior. I just love those fit-and- flare looks that celebrate a woman’s shape, no matter what it may be. When I was in high school, I did the whole grunge thing (photographic evidence has been destroyed) and even now will wear the big, flowy silhouettes that are everywhere today—but most of all I love looks that show off the feminine shape. I appreciate designers that have naturally leaned toward that. I think a woman should never feel like she has to hide her body!

Why I partnered with Dressember / what I love about Dressember:

At Noonday we have a saying, “When we look across the globe, we don’t see strangers—we see ourselves.” We believe in celebrating the connections we all share, and Dressember is a beautiful way to bring women around the world together. In every country that Noonday works in and travels to, women wear dresses every day. Here in America, donning a dress each day in December is such a simple way to be an advocate and remember our sisters across the globe. It’s also a powerful way to raise funds for the amazing organizations that are on the front lines. Because the truth is, organizations like IJM and A21 can’t do what they do to free people who are enslaved unless people like us here in the States are giving financially to support them. That’s where a lot of our power lives. So I say, wear a dress, but also figure out how you can rally your community to support the cause monetarily. It really does take all of us. I love seeing women coming together to raise money to end human trafficking!

A woman I admire:

I’m really fortunate that the women I admire most are also my best friends. I think when we surround ourselves with people we want to be like, that’s when we can come out of ourselves and be the advocates and change-makers we’re meant to be. One of my best friends, Megan, has adopted two children with limb differences and works to break down stereotypes around disabilities. One of my other best friends, Sarah, lived in Afghanistan for years teaching art and now really involves herself in the lives of refugees. My other friend, Laurie, is a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom and she always incorporates giving into her life, whether it’s having people over throughout the week from the local government housing project or regularly taking her kids to visit a nursing home where they now know everyone by name. My friend Dee is a nurse. Our kids go to a school with a lot of kids from underserved areas of town. Dee is the one who, when ICE agents were cracking down hard on undocumented workers in Austin, was giving kids rides to school because their parents were too afraid to leave their homes. She extends herself to others, but in a way that is really under the radar—and I think that’s something to consider. Yes, it’s wonderful to be inspired by the high-profile women who have done “big things,” but let’s also surround ourselves with women we admire, because that’s how we are going to become who we want to be.

“ I think when we surround ourselves with people we want to be like, that’s when we can come out of ourselves and be the advocates and change-makers we’re meant to be.”

What I wish I knew when I first started my professional journey:

I’m glad I actually knew very little when I started my professional journey! I think that gave me a lot of grit and helped me not focus on my inadequacies but on having to learn as I went. If I would have known what it would really take to grow and scale a business, I don’t know if I would have started, because I would have been too intimidated by what it would require of me. I encourage women who want to start something not to wait around until they know enough or have all the answers—just go, and learn the rest on the way!

My Favorite quote:

“God has a plan to help bring justice to the world, and his plan is us.” – Gary Haugen

What is the craziest thing you would do/have done in a dress:

I am a natural-born dress-wearer, so there’s not much I wouldn’t do in a dress! I’ve done everything from walking through the red-dirt roads of Rwanda to hard-core haggling in the markets of Guatemala to helping plant avocado trees in Uganda in a dress. I love the freedom that dresses provide!

What stands out to us about Jessica is how she is such a champion of the women in her life. May we all strive to compliment our community rather than compete with them. Thank you Jessica for your beautiful contribution to the 2017 Dressember collection! If you're looking for jewelry and accessories to pair with your dresses this December, look no further than Noonday Collection, because as Jessica would say, "You're more productive wearing earrings."


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