Nina’s story


Nina and her boyfriend traveled to Greece with Nina’s child to find work to support themselves. As unemployment in Bulgaria is so high, they thought they would have a better chance of finding work in Greece.

Very soon after arriving in Greece, Nina’s boyfriend forced her into prostitution, threatening her with physical harm, as well as, the well-being of her child if she did not comply. Nina was arrested by the police for prostitution. After hearing her story, the police referred her to A21 in Greece.

Nina was pregnant when she came into A21 care. She wanted to return home, so A21 helped her transition into A21’s care in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian social workers cared for her throughout her pregnancy, and she gave birth to a healthy child. Once the baby was two-months-old, A21 moved Nina into her own apartment where A21 supported her financially for several months.

Nina began working with A21’s social enterprise, Liberty, in Bulgaria.

Nina is now on her way to financial independence.

Finding work for women with children is incredibly important in Bulgaria, as child-care normally does not start until a child is two-years-old. For a single woman with a child who cannot return to her family or hometown, this means that she is basically without an income until her child is two-years-old. Liberty will provide work for many women who would otherwise live fully dependent on a non-governmental organization (NGO), or on the poverty line as government benefits are minimal in Bulgaria.

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We are partnering with A21 to help fund a new Freedom Center in Bulgaria that will provide a holistic approach to aftercare. The community model is designed to bring a survivor from the day they are rescued through a restoration program that will ultimately bring them to an independent life. Your advocacy as a part of Dressember will ensure that woman like Nina are able to find complete restoration.

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