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Pro-Sex and Anti-Sex Trafficking?

Last spring, Dressember’s Communications Manager, Madeline MacDonald, and I had a chance to grab a cup of coffee (and lavender tea). Before long, our conversation began to touch on some typically controversial areas and questions surrounding human trafficking. There was one question in particular that we continued to grapple with:

Can one be both pro-sex while also being anti-sex trafficking?

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Invisible, Until Now: The Blue Campaign

Have you ever been strolling through the airport, triple checking flights, and about to grab some peppermint gum for takeoff when you notice one of those “Recognize Human Trafficking” posters? Bold letters ask, “Can you see him?” “Can you see her?” Below, another sentence states, “It’s time to open our eyes. Victims of the sex trade, domestic servitude, and forced labor have been invisible, until now.”

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Wait, I Thought That Didn’t Happen to Guys?

Yes, females absolutely make up the majority of human trafficking victims, which lines up with the 2016 Global Estimates that about 71% of human trafficking victims and 99% of sex trafficking victims are female. It’s clear that females remain disproportionately exploited, and more awareness and resources are continuously needed for females. But out of the estimated 4.9 million individuals enslaved in sex trafficking on any given day, 1% still leaves about 49,000 men and boys. So, what about the 1%?

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