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Breaking Myths: Human Trafficking is only Sex Trafficking

Up until a few years ago, human trafficking was synonymous with sex trafficking for me. It was the first, and really only thing, that came to mind. The false equivalency between human trafficking and sex trafficking is certainly not uncommon, and it is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding this issue. 

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War is No Place for a Child

When most of us think about human trafficking, images of children in sweatshops and women in massage parlours spring to mind. These are the horrible cases of human trafficking that splash across our newspapers, fill up our news feeds, and scroll across our television screens for the five o’clock news. However, there is another form of trafficking that we seldom talk about, one that lurks in the shadows. It may sit in the back of our minds, but all too often we ignore it because it doesn’t happen near us. What I’m talking about is the heartbreaking reality of child soldiers.

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