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"Food Chains" unveils the true cost of fresh food

Food Chains calls us to be a part of the stories of the many hands that go into our fresh produce by not being passive, silent, or ignoring the suffering that they experience. We already are a part of this system that exploits, but we also are a part of a community that can see change happen for the most vulnerable populations of our society.

So, how can we do this?

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Is There Child Labor in the Fashion Industry?

It can be difficult to believe truths that we aren’t familiar with - to accept a reality that seems so far out of touch from our own. When my hands were half of the size they are now, I used them to play basketball with my friends. My small hands guided me in my homework assignments, they supported me while I did handstands and cartwheels and swung on the monkey bars. My small hands did what small hands were supposed to do and for that, I am grateful. Around 170 million pairs of little hands around the world don’t have the same function as mine once did. Almost 11% of the world’s children are involved in child labor.

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So, What does Slavery have to do with Makeup?

When I shop for makeup, I consider several different things: Is it all natural? Does the makeup company test on animals? However, I never stop too long to think about how makeup is made. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy wearing makeup that may have some shimmer to it. Although it makes us feel pretty and boosts our confidence, most shimmery makeup contains an ingredient called mica - an ingredient often available as a result of labor trafficking.

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How is climate change contributing to human trafficking?

What do you think makes a person vulnerable to human trafficking? My initial thoughts are situations like monetary stress, previous abuse, homelessness, and personal crises. But there is one large contributor to human trafficking that is often overlooked: Climate change.

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Was My Smartphone Made By A Slave?

With an estimated 224.3 million smartphone users in the U.S. and an estimated 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s likely that you own a smartphone. But as you’ve spent thousands of minutes scrolling through social media or browsing the internet, did you ever wonder where your smartphone came from? Did you ever think that the device which demands so much of your attention could have been made by a slave?

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How does ethical fashion play into human trafficking?

Fast fashion describes the rapid movement of inexpensive garments from the runway to the store in order to keep up with trends. It stocks stores with beautiful, on-trend items that are hard to say “no” to because of their low prices. But would we consider thinking twice before buying if we knew how that garment was made? If we were to meet the man or woman who made that article of clothing, talked to them about their salary or working conditions, and put ourselves in their shoes - would the $10 skirt be worth it?

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